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Printing and Packaging Intelligent Factory

Zhongrong Printing Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 100 printing companies in China. Beginning in 1978, it is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise that provides customers and consumers with integrated solutions and services for packaging products such as consumer product packaging, promotional tools, intelligent and personalized products. Under the guidance of advanced ideas and technologies of "Internet+" and "Made in China 2025", the new Zhongshan factory has continuously strengthened the innovative concepts of "environmental protection, digitalization and intelligence"; it has realized the interconnection of intelligent production and information systems, and has become A benchmark factory in the printing and packaging industry.

The smart factory construction of Zhongrong Zhongshan Factory takes the intelligent logistics system and intelligent printing execution system undertaken by the University of Science and Technology as the core. The content not only covers the logistics transportation and automated storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products in cartons, finished products in pallets, auxiliary materials and consumables, but also In the workshop, logistics transportation, line-side cargo management, TMS feeding management, machine transformation, etc., centered on the smart warehouse, linking various production processes, and becoming a smart factory for collaborative manufacturing of high-grade paper printed products.

Through factory design and planning, CSGIIOT has built five modules for Zhongrong Printing Group: an intelligent printing execution system, an intelligent logistics system, a production and operation management platform, a network collaborative manufacturing management platform, and a big data platform, and strives to improve printing and packaging production efficiency 20 %, operating costs are reduced by 20%, new product development cycle is shortened by 50%, energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of industrial added value is reduced by 10%, and product quality complaint rate is reduced by 20%.

This project was awarded the "2018 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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