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Cable Overhead Line Internet of Things

In order to meet the lean management requirements for underground operation and maintenance of smart station houses and power distribution network cable lines, a monitoring system for smart substation rooms and an early warning system for underground faults have been built in key areas to monitor the operating status of power distribution equipment and substations. Comprehensive intelligent detection of room security and underground cable line operating environment, using intelligent robot inspection and multi-sensor multi-dimensional online monitoring, as an effective supplement to manual inspection, and comparison and trend analysis of inspection data through a unified monitoring platform. Timely discover potential safety hazards and failure precursors in the operation of power equipment and cable lines and the environment, and improve the automation and intelligence level of operation, maintenance, and maintenance of urban power distribution stations and underground lines with the help of innovative digital operation and maintenance methods and methods of the Internet of Things. Ensure the safe and reliable operation of power grids and equipment.

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