Wheeled Lifting Robot

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Wheeled Lifting Robot

The PIR-DS400 wheeled lifting inspection robot is an intelligent monitoring device that is oriented by machine substitution, meets the unattended design requirements of smart station rooms, and completes a comprehensive inspection of related equipment. The wheeled lifting intelligent inspection robot has the functions of autonomous navigation, positioning, charging, inspection, etc. It has a variety of sensors, accurate detection, timely detection of equipment defects, improved inspection efficiency, and truly realized intelligent inspection that integrates inspection and early warning solution.


  • Multi-detection Function

    Video surveillance, intelligent vision, partial discharge detection, infrared thermal imaging, environmental detection, smoke detection

  • Safe Operation

    The full range is equipped with ultrasonic radar, with obstacle avoidance and circumvention functions, laser ranging sensor to avoid robot falling

  • Map Building

    Large-capacity map scanning, updating, and stitching capabilities

  • Navigation and Positioning

    Three-dimensional mirrorless laser navigation, excellent navigation and positioning algorithm, repeated positioning error less than 1cm

  • High Mobility

    Two-wheel drive realizes turning on the spot, and the omni-directional pan/tilt onboard realizes full coverage of the inspected equipment

  • Cruising Ability

    More than 6.5 hours of cruise capability, fully guaranteeing the scope and efficiency of robot mission execution

Application scenario