Substation Inspection Robot

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Substation Inspection Robot

The PIR-DS300 substation inspection robot is a customized product that specifically responds to the functional requirements of different robots. It adopts a modular design and flexible selection of multiple sensors to achieve the most efficient cost ratio according to the needs of on-site inspection. Through an autonomous mobile platform, equipped with multiple sets of high-performance monitoring instruments, the indoor equipment is monitored all-weather, and the monitoring data is transmitted to the station control system and the background master station system through a specific channel.


  • Standard Modular Integration

    Standardized hardware interface, support free combination of visual, infrared, partial discharge detection methods

  • Multiple Power Supply Mode

    Battery powered, sliding contact line powered

  • Multiple Communication Mode

    Carrier wired communication, support wireless 2.4G/5.8G communication

  • Expert Diagnosis

    udging equipment status trends and early warning

Application scenario