Substation Inspection Robot

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Substation Inspection Robot

The PIR-DS200 substation inspection robot is an intelligent inspection system specially used in indoor equipment places such as substations, computer rooms, factories, etc. It is based on an autonomously operating mobile platform, equipped with multiple sets of high-performance monitoring instruments, The equipment is monitored around the clock, and the monitoring data is transmitted to the station control system and the background master station system through a specific channel.


  • Motor Function

    Nearly 360° rotation capability of the instrument compartment and arm, which can realize full coverage inspection of the equipment under test

  • Multi-detection Function

    Intelligent vision, partial discharge detection, infrared thermal imaging, environmental detection, smoke detection

  • Multiple Power Supply Mode

    Battery powered, sliding contact line powered

  • Multiple Communication Mode

    Carrier wired communication, support wireless 2.4G/5.8G communication

  • Voice Intercom

    Optimized by the system algorithm to achieve lossless transmission of sound quality and a wide range of sound pickup

  • Expert Diagnosis

    Judging equipment status trends and early warning

Application scenario