Commutation Switch

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Commutation Switch

The commutation switch type three-phase load imbalance automatic adjustment device, through the three-phase intelligent commutation switch system (mainly composed of a controller and multiple commutation switches), adopts zero-crossing switching technology, which can quickly and accurately detect low-voltage power distribution For the system's three-phase imbalance problem, the single-phase load is adjusted without power failure in real time, so that the three-phase load of the station area is in a relatively balanced state, and at the same time, it effectively suppresses safety hazards such as single-phase overcurrent and terminal low voltage.


  • Rated AC Voltage:AC 380V

  • Rated Current of Commutation Switch: 90A/120A

  • Current/Voltage Voltage Sampling Accuracy: 0.5 level

  • Phase Modulation Time:≤10ms

  • Mechanical Life: 100,000 times

  • Electrical Life: 10,000 times

  • Communication Method: carrier, Lora, wifi, etc.

  • Rated Short-time Withstand Current:6kA

Application scenario