SF6 Insulated Net Cabinet

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SF6 Insulated Net Cabinet

SF6 gas insulated ring network cabinet is a kind of low pressureSF6The switch cabinet with gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium is an important switchgear for ring network power supply and terminal power supply. Research and development of CSG.SF6The gas insulated ring main unit is based on《12KV ring main unit (box) standardized design customized plan(2019Edition)" brand new product developed. Through standardized design, combined with our company's accumulation and precipitation in the distribution terminal, to achieve a deep integration of one and two times. It integrates high reliability, easy maintenance, modularity and safety.


  • Maximum Temperature:+55℃

  • lowest Temperature:-40℃

  • Altitude: ≤2000 meters

  • SF6 Gas Chamber Protection Level:IP67

  • Protection Grade of Fuse Cartridge:IP67

  • Installation Method: outdoor/indoor

  • Rated Voltage:12KV

  • Rated Current: 125A (F cabinet)

Application scenario