Power Line Carrier

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Power Line Carrier

The DLC-3000 series medium voltage power line digital carrier machine uses the power network as the transmission channel. It has the characteristics of high communication reliability, strong anti-interference ability, convenient installation, and wiring-free. It solves the difficult wiring of wired communication, low reliability of wireless communication, and information security. It is suitable for the construction of communication networking in a variety of complex power sites such as power cable lines, overhead lines and hybrid lines, and provides safe, reliable, reliable, and reliable management functions for the distribution network to realize automatic operation of remote signaling, remote measurement, remote control, and remote adjustment. Stable and economical information transmission channel.


  • Communication Rate

    Single band bandwidth 8Kbps, carrier communication rate 37.5kbps

  • Communication Distance

    The communication distance of the buried cable shielding layer is greater than 5KM, and the overhead line is greater than 20KM

  • Signal Power

    The transmit signal power is less than 5W, and the maximum channel loss is greater than 80db

  • Peripheral Interface

    Standard Ethernet interface, RS232 interface, RS485 interface

  • Power and Power Consumption

    AC220V/DC48V/DC24V,Standby power consumption is less than 5W, transmission power consumption is less than 30W

  • Physical Characteristics

    Operating temperature -40℃~85℃, EMC industry IV standard, multiple lightning protection features

  • Coupling Method

    Clip-on, injection-type inductive coupler, integrated capacitive coupler

Application scenario